Renting Details

  1. Pick out the Binoculars/Spotting Scope that works best for you.
  2. Pick out the time frame you’d like to rent your binoculars (this can be next week, or next year).
  3. Fill out the order information and click submit.
  4. No deposit is required, but your rental fee will be charged when we receive the order.
  5. The Optics will arrive at your doorstep a day (or 2 days if you’re starting your rental on a Sunday) before your rental time period starts. The Optics will be in a Pelican™ case inside of a FEDEX box.
  6. Use the Optics.
  7. Put the Optics back in the Pelican case and back inside the same FEDEX box.
  8. Use the “Return Label” included in the FEDEX box and place the label over the original shipment label. Drop off at your local FEDEX station or to a FEDEX Store for shipment back to Optics4Rent.