Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a holding fee placed on my credit card during the rental period?

No, we currently do not put a hold on your credit card during the span of the rental. If the Optics are not returned in a timely manner, full retail price of the Optics and any other rental equipment will be paid for by the customer.

Do you take reservations?

Yes, we do take reservations. You can make them as far in advance as you would like.

Is the equipment in good condition?

Of course! If we would not use the Binocular or Spotting Scope, we are not shipping it. We run a check of each Binocular or Spotting Scope when it arrives back from a rental and a second check before it leaves for another rental. We guarantee the Optic to be in working condition and the glass free of any scratch marks. There might be a couple light scratches on the Optic body but nothing that will affect its ability for viewing. If we find that it's not up to the standards of excellent image quality we will not rent the Binocular or Spotting Scope and send if off to service. Once again, we want to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

What comes with my Binocular or Spotting Scope rental?

The Binocular or Spotting Scope you ordered, front and rear covers, as well as the original carrying case. For Binoculars there will be also be a shoulder strap. A tripod comes standard with all the Spotting Scopes and for the 15x56 Binoculars. These are all shipped in a Pelican case for protection. If all items that were shipped are not returned you will be charged for the replacement of that item. Once we receive the Binocular, Spotting Scope, or other items your credit card will be credited back for the replacement charge.

When does my rental period begin and end?

Rental begins the date you have booked the Optic through the last date booked online. With FEDEX we track all packages and get live tracking on that item.

Can I take the Binocular or Spotting Scope out of the U.S.?

If you need to take it out of the U.S. and something happens to the Optic, you are responsible for 100% of the cost resulting from lost or stolen optic. The Optic must be delivered to and signed for from the address on your credit card.

Should I clean the Binocular or Spotting Scope before returning?

No. Just simply put it back in the shipping container and ship it back to us. We will take care of all the cleaning.

Do you ship to Canada?

Unfortunately we do not. We only rent and ship to customers within the United States. With all the costs involved to ship something to Canada, it's not worth it for the customer.

When should I place my order?

Please place your order at a minimum one week in advance (preferrably 2-3 weeks in advance) of when you need the Optics.

How long after I order does my Binocular or Spotting Scope ship?

All orders will be shipped based on your rental period. Please allow the time for shipment. If you're shipping to a different address please let us know why the Optic is being shipped there. You can note it at checkout. Please let us know the phone number as well, as this will expedite the verification process.

What are shipping costs?

Your order will be shipped using FEDEX. Shipping prices are dependent on how quickly you need the optic and include round trip shipping fee. This covers both ship-to and return shipments. THIS IS ROUND TRIP SHIPPING. The price for shipping is for ROUND TRIP. You will have a return shipping label included with your package. We do combine shipments. The shipping price you see at checkout is the total shipping for all items, round trip. We offer the lowest price in the business when it comes to combined shipping.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping will take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on what area of the country you are in. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii please allow 6-7 days for your package to arrive from the time it is shipped. Items will be shipped from Wisconsin so please consider shipping times and if at all possible PLACE ORDER TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOU NEED THE OPTICS. All shipments require a direct signature so make sure you are there to sign for it. If you cannot sign for it we do ship to places of employment or somewhere where you can sign for it.

I need my Binocular or Spotting Scope fast, can you overnight?

Sure we can. If you need the Optic shipped overnight, please choose the overnight shipping option.

How do I return the Binocular or Spotting Scope?

Put the Binocular or Spotting Scope and all additional items back into the Pelican™ case. Then place the Pelican case into the box it was shipped in along with the bubble wrap. Please try to package it just like it was sent to you. Seal the box up with packaging tape and pull the return label out of the box and stick over the old shipping label. Lastly, drop it off at your local FEDEX facility ( It's as simple as that!  *You will be charged for any items not returned.

Do you charge late fees?

Unfortunately we do need to charge late fees. There have been a number of Optics that have been returned several days late. Late fees are $20 per day no matter what Optic you have rented. The reason for the late fee is that this forces us to incur exorbitant shipping costs when we have to turn around and overnight it to the next customer. This is not always the case, so please just email us or call us and let us know your situation. We hate to charge late fees as much as you hate to get billed for them. If you need to extend or are going to be late, please call or email us. We will work with you.

Do you offer any insurance or damage waiver on the Optics?


What if I find the Binocular or Spotting Scope is damaged or not working when I go to use it?

Email us or call us immediately and we will talk to discuss the situation and try a few things. We are available 24/7. If we find something is wrong we will replace the Optic immediately. If the timing of your needing the Optic does not work out we will refund the rental price and shipping costs once we have made absolutely sure that there was a problem. If by chance you ordered the wrong Optic call us or email us and we will work with you on a solution. We will try to find the right Binocular or Spotting Scope for you. Your rental period will restart when you get the new Binocular or Spotting Scope. All of our Optics are inspected and clean prior to shipment. We will never send out an Optic that has any scratches on the front or rear elements. Some minor scuffing on the body or Optic hood might appear, but nothing that will affect image quality.

What if I damage the Binocular or Spotting Scope?

Let us know immediately. Our contract states if the Binocular or Spotting Scope is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. Minor damage that is repairable, we will send out and we will charge you the actual repair cost, no more than that. If the Binocular or Spotting Scope cannot be fixed, you will be charged for the cost of the same Binocular or Spotting Scope at a comparable quality. You will not be charged rental while the Binocular or Spotting Scope is being repaired.

What isn't covered by the Damage Protection Plan?

The Damage protection plan does not cover theft, or loss, or any other situations which leave you unable to return the items you rented.

What is the Damage Protection Plan?

The Damage protection plans are optional add-ons that eliminate your liability in the case of a internal or external damage to the optics on your rental. Simply, if damage occurs internally or externally to equipment protected by a the plan, you are totally covered for the repair of the optics.

What would be considered damage to the Binocular or Spotting Scope?

ANY scratches or scuffs to the glass on either side, damage from impact to the mechanicals that would cause the Binocular or Spotting Scope not to function. This includes auto focus, focus, or zoom in or out. Water damage or moisture damage is also considered as the Binocular or Spotting Scope being damaged. Deep scratches and gashes to the barrel are considered damage. Light and minor scuff marks to the barrel or Optic hood are considered normal use and will not be considered as damage to the Binocular or Spotting Scope.

How can you tell the Binocular or Spotting Scope was not damaged during shipment or prior to?

All of our Optics are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment. We will never send out an Optic that has any scratches on the front or rear elements. All Optics are shipped in a Pelican Case within a well packed shipping box. Chances of the Optic being damaged during shipment is next to nil. The Optics are packed with great care. If your box arrives damaged use discretion. If the box was somehow mishandled we want to make sure it's noted for both Optics4Rent and yourself. We understand that there might be an extremely rare occasion where the Binocular or Spotting Scope arrives damaged. SO PLEASE NOTE IT AND DOCUMENT IT for us and yourself.

Do you sell your Optics?

Yes, we sell all of our Optics in stock. We will sell our Optics for a fair market price of the same model and condition sold elsewhere.

I just rented a Binocular or Spotting Scope from you and I would like to buy it. Can I get any sort of rental credit?

You bet! Selling our Optics helps keep our inventory fresh and our Optics like new. A lot of people like to try before they buy. If you rent the Binocular or Spotting Scope and decide you like it please call and see if it is available for purchase. A percentage of the rental (to be determined) based on the length and cost of the rental will be applied. If you decide you want to purchase the Binocular or Spotting Scope just let us know and we will get you a price. If you agree to the price we will charge your credit card for the purchase amount. Once that is done we will email you a receipt and snail mail you all the rest. We will send you a copy of the original receipt, original packaging (still mint), and anything else that came with the Binocular or Spotting Scope from the time of our purchase.

What brands do you rent?

We rent Swarovski optics. If there is a particular optic that you would like to rent and you don’t see it on our website, please email us at

Who picks your Optics selection?

You the customer! We like to hear feedback of what binoculars and scopes you're looking for. If we deem it fit to put into our inventory we will do it. Upon that we can email you and let you know that we now carry that Binocular or Spotting Scope.

Who are you?

Our Family started this business in April of 2009 to serve the Wildlife watching public with the best optics available so that you, the customer, can get the most out of your viewing experience. Everything that involves Optics4Rent is related to the hard work of our family. That is why you will always get great family-type customer service. We want to keep working hard for you, the customer. Optics4Rent is and always will be a "mom and pop" business where the customer comes first. Whether you email us or call us, you are going to be taken care of by someone who cares about making their customers happy.