Do you sell your Optics?

Yes, we sell all of our Optics in stock. We will sell our Optics for a fair market price of the same model and condition sold elsewhere.

I just rented a Binocular or Spotting Scope from you and I would like to buy it. Can I get any sort of rental credit?

You bet! Selling our Optics helps keep our inventory fresh and our Optics like new. A lot of people like to try before they buy. If you rent the Binocular or Spotting Scope and decide you like it you are more than welcome to purchase it. A percentage of the rental (to be determined) based on the length and cost of the rental will be applied. If you decide you want to purchase the Binocular or Spotting Scope just let us know and we will get you a price. If you agree to the price we will charge your credit card for the purchase amount. Once that is done we will email you a receipt and snail mail you all the rest. We will send you a copy of the original receipt, original packaging (still mint), and anything else that came with the Binocular or Spotting Scope from the time of our purchase.


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