Do you ship to Canada?

Unfortunately we do not. We only rent and ship to customers within the United States. With all the costs involved to ship something to Canada, it's not worth it for the customer.

When should I place my order?

Please place your order at a minimum one week in advance (preferrably 2-3 weeks in advance) of when you need the Optics.

How long after I order does my Binocular or Spotting Scope ship?

All orders will be shipped based on your rental period. Please allow the time for shipment. If you're shipping to a different address please let us know why the Optic is being shipped there. You can note it at checkout. Please let us know the phone number as well, as this will expedite the verification process.

What are shipping costs?

Your order will be shipped using FEDEX. Shipping prices are a flat fee of $40.00. This covers both ship-to and return shipments. THIS IS ROUND TRIP SHIPPING. *When shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE QUOTE AS SHIPPING IS VERY EXPENSIVE. The price for shipping is for ROUND TRIP. You will have a return shipping label included with your package. We do combine shipments. The shipping price you see at checkout is the total shipping for all items, round trip. We offter the lowest price in the business when it comes to combined shipping.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping will take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on what area of the country you are in. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii please allow 6-7 days for your package to arrive from the time it is shipped. Items will be shipped from Wisconsin so please consider shipping times and if at all possible PLACE ORDER ONE WEEK BEFORE YOU NEED THE OPTICS. All shipments require a direct signature so make sure you are there to sign for it. If you cannot sign for it we do ship to places of employment or somewhere where you can sign for it.

I need my Binocular or Spotting Scope fast, can you overnight?

Sure we can. If you need the Optic shipped overnight, please call (866) 999-4166 immediately after your order is placed. You will be charged the initial shipping and then the difference of what it costs to ship overnight.

How do I return the Binocular or Spotting Scope?

Put the Binocular or Spotting Scope and all additional items back into the Pelican™ case. Then place the Pelican case into the box it was shipped in along with the bubble wrap. Please try to package it just like it was sent to you. Seal the box up with packaging tape and pull the return label out of the box and stick over the old shipping label. Lastly, drop it off at your local FEDEX facility ( It's as simple as that! Please note that if you are using a local authorized FEDEX shipping facility, the package needs to be dropped off by the last scheduled FEDEX pickup time. So call them to find out what the last pickup time is. If you are having FEDEX pick your package up, you need to schedule a pickup the day before your rental is to be returned. FEDEX will not pickup the same day. Anything not in FEDEX's possession by the last scheduled pickup time, on your return date, will be marked as late and you will be charged late fees. *You will be charged for any items not returned.